President & Owner, at Alpha Marine Surveyors Inc.

Mr. Santos has extensive experience with shipboard systems, Gantry Cranes, Bromma Spreader systems and the process of determining their root-cause for failure and/or lack of performance. Since the inception of his company in 1982 Mr. Santos has been involved in numerous Hull & Machinery investigations. His company conducts an average of 1000 surveys per year. A large percentage are Hull & Machinery surveys involving groundings, Main Engine Failures, Damaged Steering gear, Auxiliary Engine Failures, Turbo-Charger Failures, Contaminated Lube Oil Systems, Contaminated Fuel Oil, etc.

Mr. Santos also has extensive experience as an Offshore Sailboat Racer. Mr. Santos owned a Santana 525 ex-“Cat Dancing”, Soverel 33 ex-“Blue Angel”, Olson 30 ex-“Sting Ray”, J-30 ex-“Cigar” and currently owns an S2 9.1M “Old School”. Since graduating from USMMA where he skippered a Frers 40 ex-“Gambler” Mr. Santos has won numerous class races including a 1st in class in the 1997 Columbus Day Regatta hosted in Biscayne Bay, FL with the J-30 ex-“Cigar”.

B.S. Marine Engineering, 1981 - United States Merchant Marine Academy - Kings Point, N.Y. 11024

USCG Third Assistant Engineer - Unlimited Horsepower of Steam & Motor Vessels

U.S.N.R. 1981 – 1991. Lieutenant, Honorable Discharge 12/31/91


Vessel Sinking, Vessel Structural Failures, Vessel Condition, Vessel Valuation/Appraisals, Fatalities, Vessel Fuel Oil Contamination, Vessel collisions, Vessel Inert Gas Systems, Vessel Refrigeration Systems, Structural Failure Analysis of Intermodal Equipment, Main Engine Failure Analysis, Combustion Control Analysis, Naval Architecture (small craft), Boiler Tube Failures, Gas Turbine Blade Failures, Steam Turbine Bearing Failures, Diesel Engine Bearing Failure, Crankshaft Failures, Rotor Crack Detection R&D, Diesel Engine/Gas Turbine coatings

Dry Cargo Damages, Refrigerated Cargo Damages, Security Seal Checks/Counts, Bulk Cargo Damages, Vehicle Inspections, L.Q.V. Inspections, Cargo Transfers

INTERMODAL EQUIPMENT SURVEYS: (Dry Equipment and/or Refrigeration Units)
On-hires, Off-hires, Mobile Crane Inspections, Interchanges, In-service Inspections

Loading & Discharge Surveys, Ro/Ro Loading & Discharge Surveys, Barge Inspections, Security Seal Check, Vessel On & Off Hires, Evaluation of Tug & Barge Tow

Engine Failures, Fire Loss – Cause & Origin, Gear Box Failures, Stability Investigations (TPI, Inclination), Electrical / Lightning Strikes, Sinking Investigations, Appraisals

Refrigeration Unit Cool-Down Analysis, Center of Gravity Calculations, Velocity versus Turning Radius, Wind Velocity Impact of Side of Vessel, Fuel Oil Temperature Correction, Vessel Studies (Ro/Ro) Toward Equip Damages, Vessel Ops Studies Toward Equip Damages

Database (Equipment & Cargo Claims), Cargo Claims Management, Cargo Claims Subrogation, Vessel Loading Guides

R.A.M.P. (reliability availability maintenance program), M.T.B.F. (mean time between failures), Histograms, M.T.T.R. (mean time to repair), Weibull Analysis, Reliability Growth Analysis, Performance testing of Motor, Gas Turbine &, Vibration Analysis of Rotating Components Steam

Marine & Intermodal Refrigeration Systems
Cargo Surveys (Dry & Commodities)
Main Engine & Machinery Failures
Hull & Machinery Investigations
Power Plant Systems & Engineering (Steam, Diesel and Gas Turbine)
Combustion Control Engineering (Steam, Diesel and Gas Turbine)
Fault Tree Analysis for Failure Investigations

Vessel and Small Craft Appraisals

  • Yachts / Small Craft
  • Engine, Lower Units & Gear Box Failures
  • Electrical & Lightning Strikes
  • Sinking’s – Root Cause Analysis
  • Fire – Cause & origin


M/V Bruarfoss M/V Ivory Falcon M/V Artic Wolf
M/V Ivory Bay M/V Wisida Artic M/V Ivory Dawn
M/V Belinda M/V Bluefrost M/V EW Rainier
M/V Bluecrest M/V Kohfu M/V Bluecrystal
M/V Myrtia M/V Delmonte Planter M/V Triton Reefer
M/V Delmonte Harvester M/V Ocean Freeze M/V Caribbean Star
M/V Summer Wind M/V Afric Star M/V Summer Breeze
M/V Costa Rican Star M/V Summer Meadow M/V Avelona Star
M/V Summer Flower M/V Avila Star M/V Fiona
M/V Swan Lagoon M/V Swan Stream M/V Reefer Sun
M/V Coral Reef M/V Caribbean Reef M/V Hansa Visby
M/V Hansa Carrier M/V Kaifu M/V White Sun
M/V Tundra Queeen M/V Skater M/V Hercules
M/V Brenda M/V Granada Carrier M/V Swan River
M/V Wild Cosmos M/V Avocado M/V Thorhill
M/V Thorgull M/V Iceflake M/V Packer
M/V Cote Ivorian M/V Astro Bright M/V Green Winter
M/V Santa Lucia M/V Saxon Star M/V Koala
M/V Normandic M/V Tundra Consumer M/V Tundra Trader
M/V Valencia Carrier M/V Algeciras Carrier M/V Alicante Carrier

HULL & MACHINERY SURVEYS (partial list):

M/V Charmyl M/V Pram Prakash M/V Marmil
M/V Trio Bravo M/V Spear M/V Toledo
M/V Merchant Patriot M/V Castries M/V Kingston
M/V Cartagena M/V Canis J M/V Brenda
M/V Wasaborg M/V Zim Jamaica M/V Sea Novia
M/V Sea Amazon M/V Danube M/V Fresa
M/V Vogtland M/V Melody M/V Almania
M/V Akti M/V Balaton M/V Lirena
M/V Nanku M/V Algercias M/V Discovery Sun
M/V Helvan M/V Tahara Barge Ex: McAllister Transporter
M/V Herrentor M/V Yeocomico M/V Kronoborg
M/V Severn M/V Ocean Breeze M/V MSC Bahamas
M/V Fandango M/V Giem M/V CSAV Guayas
M/V Stefan M/V Seaboard Liberty MT East Siberian Sea
M/V Toisa Puma MV Thor Susanne M/V Montebello
MV Susanne M/V Crowley Universe M/V Delaware Bridge
M/V York Castle F/V Rosa F F/V Elizabeth F
M/V Susanne – rudder damage MV Clipper Lasco M/V Rio Negro
M/V Frontier Challenger M/V ID Symphony  

VESSEL P & I (Partial list):

M/V Great Scenery M/V Smarty M/V CEC Cardigan
M/T Golden Friendship M/V Win M/V Berulan
M/V Maersk Gairloch M/V MSC Ornella M/V Hybur Trader
MT Ruby Express    


Refrigerated Cargo Training Course
Dry Cargo Training Course
Small Craft Damage Claims - Marine Engine(s), Gear Box & Lower units Training Course

S.N.A.M.E., Member
Society of Consulting Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors, Member (MCMS)

S.A.M.S. – Accredited Marine Surveyor (AMS)

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Cargo
  • Engine
  • Yacht
  • Small Craft

Committee Chairman for S.A.M.S. Hull & Machinery Designation
A.B.Y.C., Member
A.I.M.U., Member – Yacht & Small Craft SURVEYOR
A.S.N.E., Member
ASA – USPAP – SE100PP Personal Property (Uniform Std’s Property Appraisal Practice)
Independent Licensed Adjuster – All Lines – License #P199703
Institute Of Refrigeration (IOR) – Registered Service Engineer # 3643

(2) US Patent #5,628,184 & 5,974,780 for the design & development of a Wet/Dry Low NOx Pollution Reduction Device. The patent encompasses two pollution control devices. The first is a "wet" system that utilizes water injected into the fuel system of the diesel engine, gas turbine or steam generator. The overall reduction in pollution (NOx) is accomplished by reducing the temperature of combustion. The second system consists of a "dry" system which utilizes a completely redesigned combustion chamber. The primary function of the combustion chamber is to operate at off Stochiometric conditions (fuel rich to fuel lean) and reduce thermal NOx by reducing overall flame temperatures. The development program of the combustion chamber took approximately (4) years at a cost of approximately four million dollars. Both devices resulted in exhaust gas pollution reduction in excess of 75%.

AMS has developed a diagnostic tool called the "Refrigeration Cool-down" analysis that is used for analyzing Marine Refrigeration systems. The tool models the predicted performance of a Reefer Vessel or an Intermodal Reefer Container. The primary inputs are numerous variables inclusive but not limited to:

  • Stowage patterns
  • Pre-cooling methods
  • Packaging
  • Air Flow patterns

This tool has revolutionized the reefer industry by allowing any Marine Engineer / Reefer Engineer to properly model the vessel or the reefer container and essentially determine where the potential problem exists. AMS invested over 2.5 man-years of research & development and is the sole agent for the program.

ASME Paper IGTI-Vol 8 ASME COGEN-TURBO 1993 – “Dry Low NOx Reduction of Aircraft Derivative Gas Turbines”. Presented in Bournemouth, England

“The Prediction of a Refrigeration System Reduction Period – Break Bulk Reefer Ships” – S.A.M.S. National Meeting Norfolk, VA 2003


Trial: June 11th, 2015
State of New York, Supreme Court: County of Steuben
Index No.: 96635

Kimberly Mitchell Converse (Plaintiff) vs Dole Food Company, Inc./Dole Fresh Fruit Company (Third-Party Plaintiffs) vs Pleasure Acres, LLC (Third-Party Defendant)

Deposition: January 23rd, 2015
In the Circuit Court of the 15th Judicial Circuit, in and for Palm Beach County, FL
Case No.: 50-2014-CA-001408

Margarita Reina Martinez (Plaintiff) vs Offshore of the Palm Beaches Inc. d/b/a Fredom Boat Club and Michael A. Smith (Defendants)

Deposition: January 7th, 2015
United States District Court - Southern District of Florida
Case No.: 12-CA-908

Robert Kopras & Rebecca Kopras (Plaintiffs) vs Marco Marine Construction, Inc. a Florida Corp. (Defendant)

Deposition: September 9th, 2014
United States District Court - Southern District of Florida
Civil Action No. 14-CV-61057-WPD

Michael Triggiano, IV (Plaintiff) vs Foremost Insurance Co. (Defendant)

Deposition: November 21st, 2014
In the Circuit Court of 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami Dade County, Florida
Case No.: 13-17424-CA-06

Luis Ramos (Plaintiff) vs Atlantic Specialty Insurance Co. (Defendant)

Deposition: New York, New York December 9th, 2013
Trial: New York, New York April 28-29, 2014
Case No.: 12 Civ 3567 (ALC)

Del Monte Fresh Produce, N. A. Inc. (Plaintiffs) vs M/V Lombok Strait her engines, boilers, tackle, furniture, apparel, etc. in rem; Seatrade Group N.V., Lombok Strait, Schiffahrtscessellschaft MBH & Co. KG, MPC Munchmeyer Petersen Steamship GMBH & Co. KG And Beteilingungsges – Reefer, Flottenfonds MBH & Co. KG, in personam, (Defendants)

Deposition: June 13, 2013
United States District Court – Southern District of Florida, Miami Division
Case No. 11-23841-CIV-Rosenbaum

In Re: M/V Seaboard Spirit, Ltd., as Owner and Seaboard Marine, Ltd., as Owner vs Pro Hac Vice of the M/V Seaboard Equipments, etc. in a cause of exoneration from or Limitation of Liability

February 8th, 2012
United States District Court – Southern District of Florida
Civil Action No. 10-CIV-60326 Martinez/Brown

Travelers Syndicate Mgmt Ltd. Et al. (Plaintiff) vs Marine Diesel Service, Inc. Everglades Diesel Injection Services, Inc. (Defendant)

September 19th, 2011
United States District Court – Southern District of New York
Case No.: 10-CIV-5667

Great White Fleet Ltd. (Plaintiff) vs C.A. No. M/V Eurus Lima LLC. (Defendant)

September 23rd, 2011
Case No.: 08-22268-CIV-Hoeveler

Cory Fritzler and Fireman’s Fund Insurance C. (Plaintiff) vs City of Miami, a Municipal Corporation. Contender Fishing Team, LLC - As Owner of the Vessel FL3021NR, for exoneration from or Limitation of Liability (Petitioner) vs City of Miami (Claimant)



1993 - Present
Resigned from “FPL” due to increased demands with “AMS”. Continued with “AMS” on a full-time basis.

12/1982 - 1993
Accepted a position at the Florida Power & Light Power Plant on the Midnight Shift in the Mechanical Maintenance department. Responsibilities included the planning, maintenance, repair and overhaul of (2) 400MW Steam Plants, (5) EMD Diesel Generators, (36) Gas Turbines, The Water Treatment Plant and the plant auxiliaries systems including HVAC.
During the employment he was involved in every aspect of maintenance and failure investigations conducted on failed components ranging from pumps, electric motors, boiler tubes, forced draft fans, hydraulic couplings, gas turbine blades, Main Lube Oil systems, vibration analysis, NDT (non-destructive testing techniques) including eddy current testing & x-ray, valve failure, rotor failures of rotating components. The final position held within the Mechanical Maintenance department was “Area Supervisor”.
He was later promoted to the Technical Department which was responsible for the oversight of all maintenance and investigative process used within the Power Plants to improve reliability and efficiency. During his employment he was personally responsible for the development of a dry low NOx combustion chamber for the gas turbines and for the development of the water injection systems on the gas turbines and the diesel engines. Both projects were very successful and a patent was retained.

Started Alpha Marine Surveyors to continue to develop Refrigeration expertise in the Marine Surveying Field.

1/1982 – 12/1982
American Nautical Services, Inc. Miami, Florida Based Marine Surveying Company. Started & developed the Intermodal Refrigeration system On & Off-hire surveying procedures to identify such critical cost saving items such as “Normal wear & tear” items.

1981 – 12/1981
Worked for Family owned Construction Company and Mechanical Engineering Company. Responsibilities included Construction management and Refrigeration & A/C systems design and installation.